Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Tree and Fireplace

This year we are working with a 9 foot tree.  And this year I am having trouble taking a picture of it because it is so tall.  I wish we had a grand entry in which to showcase our tree.  But the rest of the year I am glad we have a cozy Craftsman style home instead.  So the enormous tree has been relegated to a corner in the living room.  Which is probably best because if I had to decorate the back of the tree thoroughly, I would have to buy more ornaments!
Do you like my new tree skirt?  When we pulled out all the Christmas items this year I had grown tired of the old tree skirt I made years ago.  This year I made a simple tree skirt quilt in a deco or arts-and-crafts theme.  When I look at the skirt in isolation I don't really like it.  But with the tree, I think it works.

Here is our living room fireplace sporting three of the seven paper garlands I made this year that you can see here and here.

The wall hanging is a quilted St. Nicholas in the forest vignette I made several years ago.

This year our daughter wanted "an elf" because everyone else in her kindergarten class had one.  It starts so young.  But this time I agreed it was time.  I found a plush elf as Costco who isn't nearly as freaky as the standard Elf on a Shelf.  According to the letter in his hand, his name is Taylor.  I think we may need to rename him.  I put him up yesterday and my daughter hasn't noticed him yet.  I wonder how long it will take.

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  1. Your tree looks wonderful! Love the beaded garlands. Your fireplace is cute and I like your homemade paper garlands. Those gold candles are very pretty. The elf is cute! Your daughter will enjoy it and remember how great it all looks.


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