Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pancake and Sausage (or chocolate chip) Muffins

I wanted something different for breakfast earlier this week.  But not so different that my picky eater wouldn't eat it.  After some thought I decided to make pancake and sausage muffins which I haven't made in a while.
The recipe is really simple.  You just make up two cups of pancake batter, add 1/2 cup of syrup to the batter, and mix well.  This gives you your base muffin mix for this recipe.  You can use any pancake recipe you like.  For a healthier muffin, make the pancake mix yourself rather than having it come from a box.  If you are really adventurous you can grind your own flour for your pancake mix like I did here. Then for the syrup use real maple syrup rather than store bought.  Seriously if you don't use real maple syrup then make your own vanilla syrup and forget the store bought stuff.  The store bought stuff is pure poison and homemade is super simple.  Here is a post on easy homemade syrup with only ingredients you actually have at home right now.
Next I dropped a cupcake/muffin wrappers into my muffin pan and filled each liner with the pancake muffin mix to not quite full.  Since these muffins are pancake batter based, they are not going to rise much so you don't need to worry about the "head room" in the wrapper.  But do leave a little space for the sausage (or chocolate chips).  This recipe makes about a dozen muffins.  Actually I could have made maybe 15 but I didn't want to find another muffin pan or bake a second batch (if you know what I mean).

Now for the sausage part.  In a perfect world you would raise your own vegetarian pigs, harvest your own pork, and make your own sausage.  Just do the best you can.

In my world, I had brown and serve breakfast sausage in the freezer (yes we all compromise).  Whatever sausage you use you want to make sure it is fully cooked and the grease drained before you add it to the muffins.  I browned the sausage then chopped it up into pretty small bits. Then I added the chopped sausage to the muffin pan.  You could add the sausage right to the batter in the bowl and then pour the whole mixture in to the muffin wrappers but I didn't want every muffin to have sausage, so I added the sausage later.

I put sausage in 9 of the muffins and added chocolate chips to the last three for my picky eater.
Sweet, moist, and yummy!
Next bake in a preheated over at 350 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes.  Check at 18-20 minutes because every oven is different.  The full 25 minutes worked best for me
To these I added chocolate chips rather than sausage.
So I sat down at the table with my picky eater, her with her chocolate chip pancake muffins and me with my sausage pancake muffins.  After a few minutes she noticed mine were different and asked me what I was eating.  I told her and guess what, she took my sausage muffins and ate them!  So the chocolate chip pancake muffins went in her lunch.

In short the basic recipe is as follows:

2 cups pancake mix prepared
1/2 cup syrup
1/2 lb cooked and drained sausage
Muffin pan
Muffin pan liners

To prepared pancake batter add syrup and mix.  Mix in sausage. 
Line muffin pan with liners then fill liners about 3/4 full with mix.
Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.
Check muffin doneness at 18-20 minutes.


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  1. What a great idea! These would work great in the car on a rushed morning! Thank you for sharing the recipe at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. What a creative breakfast idea - I'll have to share it with my daughter - she's always looking for easy portable recipes! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  3. I have made something like these for years with eggs and breakfast meats. My kids are grown...but I will PIN this for the future grandkids. =) Thank you for sharing at our TGIF Link Party at A Peek Into My Paradise.
    Cathy @


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