Friday, July 12, 2013

The Kiddie Pool

Most of the summer my five year old spends splashing about in her kiddie pool.  And each year as she gets bigger it seems we acquire a bigger pool to accommodate the splashing.

My husband hates to leave the pool out on the grass for more than a day or so because of the damage it does to the grass.  So more often than not we are draining water out of the pool in the evenings, over the grass, making a muddy swamp out of the lawn.

Then, in a blinding stroke of the obvious, it occurred to us that rather than just let the water run out where it really isn't needed, why not water the garden with the water instead. Duh! 

So now most summer evenings, you can see us lugging buckets of water around the yard, strategically watering the garden while emptying the pool.  The neighbors think we are nuts.  But they thought that before the bucket brigade so no harm done.  And the water is doing double duty, saving both water and money in the process.

But of course, now my husband wants to get a small water pump to eliminate the buckets.  We shall see.  Have a great day!

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  1. Kiddie pools are really convenient. However, having to drain it every after you use it is just one of the cons that it has. But if you think your kids really like to splash around in the water, I think it’s way better to have a real swimming pool installed in your backyard. Your kids will never outgrow its size, and you will never have to worry about refilling and emptying it every time you want to use it. I'm not saying to have it right now, but maybe sometime in the future. Good day!

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