Sunday, May 26, 2013

About me

I am forty-something living in the northern plains of the mid-west. I have a wonderful husband and five year old daughter. And now I know why people have children in their twenties rather than their forties. We have friends from high school with grandchildren the age of our daughter.

So we are pretty much never going to be able to retire. But we are also not able to sink quietly into old age either. Old age is a sneaky bastard. Before you know it you are planning your schedule around reruns of Jeapordy and a late dinner at 4:30.

I have been practicing law for twenty years and before that I was a chemist.  I have my own law firm so my schedule is pretty much my own, which has been really helpful having been a mostly full time mom for the last five years.  When my little one goes to kindergarten in the fall my clients are going to be happy to see more of me.  I will probably cry.  OK I know I will cry.  Which brings me back to the point of this blog. In a perfect world, in the fall I won't be actively practicing law anymore.

I love Jesus, plants, animals, computer games, epic fantasy (that is a type of literature), wine, chocolate, useless trivia and Handy Manny. I am bossy, opinionated, and unable to not speak my mind which actually makes me a good attorney but not such a good employee hence why I work for myself.  That last trait also makes me a challenging friend to have but I am also loyal, honest, trustworthy and kind (in a brutally honest sort of way).

I was born and raised in California, went to law school on the East Coast, and now, live here in flyover land.  My husband is a Texas boy and a horticulturist. We have lived up here for thirteen years and now think it is time to make a big change.

Me in my happy place (a decade or two ago)
We have made small steps along the way: trying to live a more simple and sustainable life; trying to become more self-sufficient; learning new skills; getting out of debt; reevaluating our priorities; and many more.  Now we are trying to work out a move to the country to live and start our own related business.  Details to come!

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